Martin Smedjeback’s CV

Martin Smedjeback
Swedish, born June 27, 1973
TFF Associate 2005

Worked on the side in the psychiatric care in Malmö, Lund and Uppsala from 1992-2001. Studied psychology, sociology, development science, astronomy, theology, literature and philosophy at Lund University.

Spent five months in a Coptic Orthodox monastery in Cairo, Egypt working in a school.

President of the Swedish Student Christian Movement from 1998-2001. Was involved with several international exchanges during this time with South Africa, Burma etc. Volunteering in a development project in the north of India in 2000.

Worked for SweFOR (Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation) as the secretary of nonviolence from 2001 until 2008. Worked with information and education in nonviolence in Sweden and Sudan.

Ecumenical Accompanier in Israel and Palestine the summer of 2004. Nonviolent civil disobedience actions for disarmament in England, USA and Sweden.

Author of “Nonviolence in Israel and Palestine” and numerous articles on nonviolence, Burma, Israel/Palestine and Sudan.

Works as an activist and freelance nonviolence educator, writer and speaker. Particularly focused on the struggle against Sweden’s weapons production and export and for animal rights. Because of that, Martin has been in and out of prison cells.

He lives in the Swedish Gandhi Community and maintains a blog

He edits the Gandhi Collective’s YouTube video channel

Martin Smedjeback
Phone +46 70-257 90 97 & +46 142-48 10 01

The Gandhi Community

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