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Experiencing aesthetically the concept of peace

By Elías Abraham Foscolo

Aesthetics – being shaped by the senses – means art. And vice versa. Beauty is the main factor to recognize as the aesthetical component within an artistic experience. Whichever may be the artistic environment experienced – music, dance, theatre, film, poetry – the concept of the aesthetics is associated to the subjective capacity of experiencing the outside world and the way that impacts inside the person.

Indeed, it is an experimental process aiming to resonate with the beauty of the universe – word beauty here as metaphoric approach of peace; hence a type of beauty which aesthetically aims to be eternal, pure and human. Following this idea, an aesthetic experience of beauty is related to identifying an inner peace and such a process is an authentic artistic desire to be touched by the act of love.

Actually that is what empowers and makes the person aware of who she or he truly is; and in consequence allows the unfolding of his/her own peace and artistic inner potential.

For me the aesthetics of the art is a synonym of the aesthetics of peace.

John Paul Lederach makes explicit this: [How do we practice the aesthetics of peacebuilding? Like art itself, there is no single technique by which it can be pursued and at the same time it cannot be created without discipline].

Lederach connects the aesthetics of peacebuilding with the aesthetics of the arts Read the rest of this entry »

Elías Abraham-Foscolo’s CV

Born July 5, 1986
Nationality Italian-Argentinean

Peace & Conflict Transformation (Masters Program) Masters of Advanced Studies at the World Peace Academy, Universität Basel

Advanced Studies in Human Rights Education & Training (CAS Program) Pädagogischen Hochschule Zentralschweiz. Lucerne, Switzerland

2010-2012 Master of Art performances (In Clarinet, Orchestra and Chamber Music)
Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland

Mentoring and project management NGO PLAYforRIGHTS

Organization series of human rights workshops and cultural activities aiming at creating and intersection between the arts, peacebuilding and human rights.

Conceptualized, trained and mentored youth within the NGO Musica Para Todos Youth forums focusing civil society projects especially in music education as social inclusion in Argentinean slum communities

Working experience in the artistic field (classic music)

Neues Orchester Basel

Theoretical knowledge & practical experience in peacebuilding and conflict transformation

Publications related to art-based approaches in peacebuilding:
2014: Imagine the art of creating what does not exist. Centre of Advanced Studies, University of Basel. 2014

2013: Music and Human Rights Education, in: Journal of Human Rights Education 5/1. 2013. Quoted by the author, Dr. Kirchschläger P. G.

2013: PLAYforRIGHTS, playing for rights without borders. Pädagogischen Hochschule Universiät Zentralschweiz. 2013

2008: The Way music would make A Better World. Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. 2008

2013 – 2015 NGO PLAYforRIGHTS
Assessed and advised on a systematic and sustainable approach to knowledge sharing amongst Swiss organizations and people around the world on Peace-building and Arts.

2008-2013 NGO Musica Para Todos
Conducted Youth Forum and Art Festivals connecting classic music with human rights. Developing local projects with an integrated approach, carried out self assessment of the NGO, represented NGO at National Level, coached trainers of trainers on tools and advocacy materials and participated in development of advancing human rights issues from different art and human rights perspec-tives.

2004 – 2005 Societá Dante Alighieri, Comitatto di Lujan de Cuyo
Conceptualised youth focused projects amongst the civil society in Mendoza. Topics: Culture, literature, Arts. Dealing with youth sector within the organiza-tion.

2006/2007 Full-Course in Video edition and creative visualizations. Exagrama Produc-tions. Mendoza. Argentina
Samples here and here.

08/2004 Received training in Basics of Humanitarian Response Municipalidad de Lujan De Cuyo, Area de Defensa Civil

2003 Awarded a Certificate of Cultural Entrepreneurship
Fundacao: Musica No Museo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Inter-personal skills (active listening, effective communication and presentation competences coaching, facilitating and training expertise, team worker, organizational and planning skills, can work autonomously and multi-task under pres-sure, loyal, cooperative and honest) plus multilingual Spanish (Mother tongue), English (Fluent), Italian (Fluent), Portugueise (Flu-ent), French (In process of learning); others analytical mind, Computer literate, Pro Video Edition Adobe CS6.


(1) Hans Von Sponeck, former UN assistant secretary general and was UN humanitarian co-ordinator for Iraq, Germany.
(2) Jan Oberg, Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research, Sweden.
(3) Dr. Peter Kirchschlaeger, Co-Director Centre of Human Rights Education, Switzerland.

Elías Abraham Foscolo joined us as TFF Associate in January 2016.

Elias Abraham-Foscolo
Address: Rebgasse 52 4058 Basel, Switzerland
Phone: +41 76 759 10 69
Skype: eliasabrahamfoscolo

PlayforRights Celebration on International Artists Day

By Elías Abraham-Foscolo with Jan Oberg

We would like to count on your presence as well as people you may know interested in our activities.

PlayforRights Celebration on International Artists Day

PlayforRights organizes this event (see poster below) to raise awareness and consciousness about the following statement: “The arts contribute to the field of human rights by making visible the human dimension”.

Why do we do this in a celebrative way? 25th of October can be seen as any other ordinary day but for members of PlayforRights it is not. This date is very important moment of the year where we all, the civil society, shall meet together and raise awareness about the potential of the art expressions within processes of social change.

For this, we need to recognise that the arts are ways of nurturing love, that art is Read the rest of this entry »


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