New website promoting pro-peace work

By Jan Oberg

At 25, TFF’s Board has decided to move the Foundation in a new direction which we call pro-peace: more imagination, proposal-making and healing, slightly less emphasis on diagnosis and prognosis.

In medicine and health it is well-known that the patient won’t recover no matter how much the doctor criticizes the disease or predicts the patient’s death within a year or two.

Only when some constructive action is taken to bring about recovery and health, will the patient get a chance to survive.

Here’s 3 minutes about TFF’s new, diversified Internet presence, a first step to move in the mentoned direction.

There is also an appeal to you because one thing will not change: that TFF is people-financed and all-volunteer. We need your help the Foundation to stay truly independent of government and the corporate world and remain experimental, and outspoken.

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