Save the life of Tariq Aziz in Iraq now !

By Jan Oberg

If we do not care for single individuals, we care for nobody. I have met Aziz twice, 5 hours conversation in 2002 and 2003 during TFF’s fact-finding missions.

He came across as a decent, very knowledgeable man. No matter what he may also have done, killing him will be a barbarian act shaming us all.

It is my firm belief that the US colonial “legal” process against him is nothing but revenge of the most inhuman, cruel type. Felicity Arbuthnot’s article here gives a frightening documentation of how strongly the United States has influenced, if not totally managed, the judicial system of the present “free” Iraq.

Where are all the West’s human rights organizations? Where is the West and its media that use human rights as pretext for ‘humanitarian interventions’?

Please share as widely as you can. Call human rights organizations and your politicians and opinion-shapers. It could be too late very very soon!

Iraq and PM al-Maliki must be brought to the understanding that his Iraq is an un-free, rogue state if Aziz is killed. Let the nearest Iraq Embassy know that too!

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