TFF awarded the People’s Nobel Peace Prize

By Jan Oberg

TFF and its founders were awarded the People’s Peace Prize on December 7, 2013 by The Peace Movement at Orust, Sweden – the best in Scandinavia and one that has existed for over 30 years in an amazing public role and staunch adherence to the Gandhian/UN principle of creating peace by peaceful means.

Jan Oberg received the prize on behalf of the foundation at a seminar held at Orust about the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s ignorance – seen through its awards the last years – about the real meaning of Alfred Nobel’s will which you may read here.

While the text here is in Swedish enjoy the photos and get a sense of the lovely people, the atmosphere and the fabulous Nobel dinner.

While this prize is not accompanied by any money, we will that it has something the official Norwegian Nobel Prize does not have: decision-makers who know what peace is and what Alfed Nobel really intended.

Thank so very much for this great encouragement. We promise to continue on the road that is peace…

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