Anglo-America, EU, West: A prognosis of decline

By Johan Galtung

Thanks dear Oxford students for the Xmas gift, challenging the cult of Cecil Rhodes–colonialist, classist, racist. He was also an Aryan supremacist, like Hitler but for the Anglo-Saxon variety, against the German (and often criticized in this column).

The commemorative plaque has been removed. The statue may follow.

Maybe also the “Rhodes Scholarship”, as ‘certificate of excellence?’

Much will join Cecil Rhodes and another racist, Woodrow Wilson, down the drain. Like Western economic supremacy. In 1980 the G7 (USA-Canada-UK-Germany-France-Italy-Japan) had 62% of Gross World Product, BRICS had 15%. In 2015, only 35 years later, G7 is halved and BRICS doubled; at 31% in 2020, a comfortable lead for BRICS is predicted; 34% against 29% (International Spectator). West “Out-competed”.

But what happens is deeper than share of GWP. Or USA losing wars. Or decreasing US political clout. With only US cultural power left.

The whole West suffering from fatigue, partly as victim of its own success, partly for lack of Ibn Khaldun’s asabiyyah, solidarity? The Fall of the US Empire-And Then What?, Part III, is the Fall of the Roman Empire, written in 1976, making comparisons on these points.

So, what is our prognosis today, 40 years later, on that basis?

The Roman Empire split along religious lines, Catholic/Orthodox, in 395. The Western part fell in 476, the Eastern lasted till 1453. Today’s Western Empire also has two parts split along religious lines, US (National) Evangelism/EU (Christian-) Secularism.

Orthodoxy was buoyed by “Christ has arisen!” optimism; West Rome bogged down by sado-masochism, original sin, and Satan. Like today in USA.

But EU secularism hitches on to the idea of progress, almost irreversible.

US theology – God and Market – at the expense of rationality. And EU rationality – techno-bureau-cracy – at the expense of demo-cracy.

Mentalities, deep cultures, matter. The more so the deeper they are.

A prognosis if nothing basic is done across more than 1600 years:

• There will be a split between evangelical USA and secular EU, with some struggle over some Catholic part of Eastern EU;

• USA will stick to its national evangelism and “free market”, fighting ever more Satans, also with nuclear arms; by 2020 it will be alone;

• EU, with technical rather than theological problems, amenable to rationality rather than faith, will cancel debts, equalize economies under a strong ECB, or a weak common rather than single currency, apply its mantra–democracy-human rights–to itself; opting for social democracy rather than neo-liberal austerity much before 2020.

• England will apply its dictum – “no permanent friends, no permanent enemies; permanent interests”; tilted by a weaker USA and a stronger EU – that may even fight UK exceptionalism – they will not exit in 2017.

• The Western part of the Western Empire will, like West Rome, be self-destroyed by people watching TV and sports, not participating, by inequality excluding the vast majority, and by killing itself. There will be less USA, more states; massive influx from Latin America to till the land.

• The Eastern part of the Western Empire will, like its East Rome predecessor, stumble through, benefiting from no longer being a victim of US faith and a belligerence more risky for the EU than for the USA; and last as long as they can handle equity-empathy-trauma-conflict.

• The other Anglo states, Canada-Australia-New Zealand, will follow UK.

• Relations to Russia and China: a Eurasian “European House” based on OSCE and Silk Economic Belt cooperation; on equal terms, to work.

• Relations to Africa can also be on equal terms. EU must learn.

What is the time perspective for these prognoses?

Could be as soon as 2020, at the very latest 2050.

How about non-EU Europe? They will join EU – only not Switzerland-Liechtenstein – and relate positively to the US states of their choice.

How about Israel – theological and rational – see a coming editorial.

And now: Back to Cecil Rhodes.

Much has been said recently about secret societies, often debunked as “conspiracy theories” by people who do not reflect on “secret services”. What do they think they are up to?

Key author: Professor Caroll Quigley (1910-1977) at Georgetown University: The Anglo American Establishment written in 1949, released in 1977; and Tragedy and Hope 1966, removed from the bookstores.

G. Docherty, J. Macgregor, “New World Order: The Founding Fathers” from 2013.

Here are eight key points:

1. Founded 1891 by Cecil Rhodes and others: The Society of the Elect, with outer circle The Association of Helpers (one of them: Balfour).

2. Key idea: uniting the world by English-speaking people in a federal structure centered on Britain, ruled by Anglo Saxon elites from Eton-Harrow, Oxford All Souls-Balliol, by “the best”, not by democracy. For USA 100 Rhodes Scholarships, British Empire: 60; to study at Oxford.

3. Get into the top of both parties to dominate two-party systems.

4. The House of (Lord Nathan) Rothschild joined; in the background.

5. Targets: Kings and Presidents, top politicians, top diplomats, top bankers, press “barons”, universities, and novelists for the public. And top military for “warfare to carry out–their civilizing mission”. Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations.

6. Goal: defeat the Boers in Transvaal, launched 1899: for gold and United (British) South Africa, using concentration camps, starving wives and 20,000 children of fighters to death on half rations.

7. Goal: defeat the competitor, Germany; “treaties with Japan, Entente Cordiale with France, secret convention King Edward-the Czar”; promoting as presidents Wilson and Poincaré; launched 1914 by Austria.

8. In 1910 planning The Federal Reserve System central bank, owned by private banks, with monopoly on money and credits, profits shared with the US government, deficits covered by US tax-payers; launched 1913.

Sounds like Reality TV?!

The USA claims monopoly on “leadership” granting “special relation” to the UK. And German Scare became Red Scare became China Scare became Islam Scare became Russia Scare. The scare of the day paranoia; easily combined with UK-US narcissism.

A case of their success: Norway. Dedicated to UK-US leadership; one after the other. And to secret foreign policy “above the parties”; with Anglo-Saxonists on top of both DNA (Labor) and Höyre (Right).

And Norway is not alone in this. As short as it lasts; see above.

First published at Transcend Media Service here.

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