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Majken Jul Sørensen’s CV

Majken Jul Sørensen became TFF Associate in 2013

Photo: Jonas Jonzon


2011- present
PhD student, University of Wollongong

1 year MA programme, Peace and Reconciliation studies, Coventry University, UK. Including a dissertation of 15.000 words.

BA in Sociology, University of Tromsø, Norway. Including a bachelor project of 30 pages.

One year part time study in “peace work”, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Read the rest of this entry »

Mira Fey’s CV

Became TFF Associate in August 2013

Avenue de Miremont 46 | 1206 Geneva, Switzerland | • Blog

– M.A. International Relations/Political Science Autumn 2013 to Spring 2015
The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID), Geneva, Switzerland
– B.A. International Relations Autumn 2010 to Spring 2013
Malmö University, Sweden
Thesis: The Importance of National Discourse for IR – Critical Discourse Analysis of US Congressional Debates on the Secure Fence Act of 2006 (Passing Grade A/Excellent)
– Related Coursework: Global Political Economy, Regionalization and Globalization, Human Rights
Erasmus Exchange Autumn term 2012
Coventry University, United Kingdom
Related Coursework: Global Organized Crime, Comparative Politics and Governance

Various positions, most recent: Vice President and Head of Program Coordination Autumn 2011 to Spring 2013
Malmö Association of Foreign Affairs (UF Malmö) Coordinating the department for program and the communication with other departments and the university
Academic Writing Tutor Autumn 2011
Malmö University
Volunteer in various NGOs
Tumaini Centre, Tanzania Autumn 2008
Project for street children
AIDS-Hilfe Wuppertal e.V., Germany Summer 2008
Organization offering support and counseling for victims of HIV/AIDS
Foyer Keraman, France Summer 2007
Institution for handicapped persons Assisting in social activities Translation for French-speaking clients

Team Work Society, Coventry University
Communication proficient with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010
Languages German, English; limited working proficiency in French and Swedish

Heela Najibullah’s CV

Heela Najibullah
Became TFF Associate in December 2012

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Gunnar Westberg’s CV

Nils Gunnar Westberg
Born June 29 1938 in Sundsvall Sweden
After having served as TFF Associate since 2002, Gunnar Westberg joined the Board of the foundation in October 2008.

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Annette Schiffmann’s CV

Annette Schiffmann
Born in 1954 in Germany.
Annette Schiffmann joined TFF as an Associate in August 2003 and became member of the Board in August 2006.

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Chantal Mutamuriza’s CV

Chantal Mutamuriza
Born 1971 in Burundi
Chantal joined TFF in 2003 as Associate and Liaison for TFF’s project in Burundi

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Isabel Bramsen’s CV

Isabel Bramsen
Danish, born 1988
TFF Associate since December 2011

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David R Loy’s CV

David Loy
US citizen, born in 1947
TFF Associate 2003

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Martin Smedjeback’s CV

Martin Smedjeback
Swedish, born June 27, 1973
TFF Associate 2005

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Vicky Samantha Rossi’s CV

Vicky Samantha Rossi
British-Italian, born 23 September 1969
TFF Associate in 2005. She was a board member 2007-2009 and joined our board again in late 2011.

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