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Breivik: Living in the historical present (Part II)

By Johan Galtung

The police explores concrete logistic collaborators and-or ideological support; like Peter Mangs in Sweden, the “laser man” who killed what looked like immigrants, wrote a rightwing manifesto and an autobiography; or “Fjordman” with 111 mentions.

Breivik was a member of a Norwegian rightwing anti-immigration party, Fremskrittspartiet – a legal stand in a democracy – but left. He also left the Free Masons, with the following Compendium comment:

“Being a Free Mason myself I know that /the Freemasons are a Zionist organization/ is not only a false claim but actually quite ridiculous. The Freemasons is not in any way political (I wish the organization was, believe me) and it is true that they have a positive view on Jews. However, this is from a Christian religious context where solidarity to Jews and Israel is important. The Freemasons is a Christian only organization and no Muslim or Jew could become a member even if they wanted to. There are no political bodies within the organization nationally or internationally” (p. 1369).

However, the Freemason lodges Gladio and P2 were behind the 2 August 1980 Bologna massacre, and oaths of loyalty among members may matter.

But Breivik seems to live so much in past history that it attains reality, competing with, even replacing contemporary reality. His references are numerous. There are errors; but more important is to understand his reading of the meaning of history, his history. Read the rest of this entry »


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