Heela Najibullah’s CV

Heela Najibullah
Became TFF Associate in December 2012


• MAS in Peace & Conflict Transformation, World Peace Academy, Basel, Switzerland. Sept. 2012 – Contd.
• BA in International Relations and Minor in Communication, Franklin College Switzerland. 1998 – 2001
• IGCSE and A-levels in Math, Biology and Chemistry, The British School, New Delhi, India. 1993 – 1997.

Professional Development

• May & Nov 2006
Participated to the UN Global Young Leadership Summit representing Afghanistan, raising awareness on Millennium Developing Goals to other young leaders specially focusing on poverty reduction; Discussed and developed agenda points and possible future actions for the Global Young Leadership Summit held in November 2006 at United Nations, New York.

• October 2004
Trained in Basics of International Humanitarian Response, UNHCR, e-Center, Narita, Japan.

• 2002 – 2004
Trained in RDRT (Regional Disaster Response Training), Sphere, Reach Out and Better Programme Initiative (concept arrived from DO NO HARM)

• February 2004
Participated to the World Youth Peace Summit for Asia Pacific, an Initiative of the Millennium World Peace Summit representing Afghanistan; developing a vision for peace and plan of action for the youth to achieve world peace

• Completed the ‘Writing Effectively’ course, Commonwealth of Learning.

• Summer 2003
Forced Migration in Practice, QEH, Oxford University, UK.

• Summer 2002
A professional development program in human rights, American University, Summer Institute on Human Right, Washington D.C., USA

Work Experiences

• Oct 2008 – Dec 2009
Senior Technical Support Officer at IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies), Secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland
– Advised the Principles and Values department on integration processes of thematic issues such as gender, non-violence, fundamental principles and accountability, protection issues in disaster response and migration policy, which was adopted in May 2009. Coached National Societies and IFRC at regional and Secretariat level on tools, training and advocacy materials
– Developed a global baseline survey to gather information on NS (National Societies) activities in principles and values and identify entry points for integration, liaised with zones and regions on the processes of baseline
– Carried out a ‘self assessment’ of IFRC secretariat on accountability issues in disaster response as the SCHR (Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response) peer review and advocated its position in IASC (Inter-Agency Standing Committee) meetings on Humanitarian Space.

• Jul 2005 – Aug 2006
Southeast Asia Regional Population Movement Coordinator at IFRC Southeast Asia Regional Office, Bangkok, Thailand
– Researched on vulnerabilities faced by Tsunami affected IDPs in Sri Lanka and Indonesia (Banda Ache) focusing on protection gaps. Assessed with Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) and Cambodia Red Cross (CRC) their existing programmes for refugees, migrants, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and victims of human trafficking. Raised awareness and advocated to National Red Crosses in the region on Red Cross policies and strategies in population movement.
– Built capacity of CRC program manager on key human trafficking issues in Cambodia and Mekong region, organized planning workshop with CRC to design projects in response to human trafficking to develop community based awareness projects on safe migration, rehabilitation programmes.
– Represented IFRC Southeast Asia regional office with other stakeholders i.e. international, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the region.

• Sept 2002 – March 2005
South Asia Regional Population Movement Manager at IFRC South Asia Regional Delegation, New Delhi, India
– Trained and built capacity of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in existing IFRC tools (such as Better Program Initiative, Reach Out, Project Planning Process) and built awareness on legal and technical issues of forced migration.
– Managed, monitored and raised funds for NS projects by conducting baseline studies of national population movement trends and needs. Developed concept papers, appeals and produced financial and narrative reports. Monitored and guided NS community based projects for undocumented Rohingya migrants in Teknaf, Bangladesh; returnees and internally displaced persons in Jaffna, Sri Lanka and Bhutanese refugees in Damak, Nepal.
– Represented IFRC South Asia regional office with other stakeholders i.e. international, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the region.


• Jan – Jun 2012
Consultant at IFRC – South Asia Regional Delegation, New Delhi, India)
– Conducted online and field research to map South Asia National Red Cross/ Crescent Societies current humanitarian diplomacy/ advocacy activities, assessed their weaknesses and strengths, developed a regional framework, case studies/ success stories and training modules on humanitarian diplomacy for 7 national societies in South Asia.
– Facilitated and organized workshops in building capacity of NS and country delegation staff on humanitarian diplomacy

• Sept – Oct 2010
Consultant at IFRC – South Asia Regional Delegation, New Delhi, India
– Assessed, consulted and elaborated on a systematic and sustainable approach to knowledge sharing among South Asian organizations and institutions working on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). Produced a presentation and report on knowledge sharing mechanisms in South Asia for the DRR regional festival.

• May 2007
Consultant at Church World Services (CWS)
– Assisted CWS Afghanistan/ Pakistan with developing the DIPECHO (The European Commission Humanitarian Aid department’s Disaster Preparedness Programme) proposal and liaised with the DIPECHO office (presenting the proposal, trouble shooting, advocating to donors and fundraising).


• Sept. 2010 – Nov. 2011
Delhi Policy Group (DPG): Afghan Attempts at Peace and Reconciliation (pdf)

• April 2008
La Vanguardia: Kashmir, the unsettled dispute in South Asia

• May – August 2007
Konrad Adenauer Foundation: Co-authored a research on issues of global warming and regional security in South Asia.

Training & Coaching Experiences

• 2008 – 2009
Coached and Mentored the YP foundation on implementation of their project called ‘Bridge the Gap.’
The project focused on bridging the cultural gap between Indian and Afghan youth especially through cultural activities such as film festivals, magazine publication.

• August 2007
Trainer at IFRC, Aceh sub Delegation and Indonesia Delegation, Aceh, Indonesia
Trained middle managers from different donor national societies active in post Tsunami response in three days Better Program Initiative training (concept based on ‘Do No Harm’)

• December 2006
Trainer at UNICEF (United Nation Children’s Fund), Bangkok, Thailand
Trained government officials from Indonesia, Thailand, Laos and Philippine on child protection in workshop on Principled Approach to Humanitarian Action (PATH)

• April 2006
Trainer at IFRC – Southeast Asia Regional Office, Bangkok, Thailand
Trained NS regional disaster response teams in protection issues on displacement, Red Cross fundamental principles and cultural awareness

Volunteer Work

• Participated extensively in volunteer work with Delhi Policy Group, WISCOMP, Youthreach, Mother Teresa Charity Mission in India and OTAFF in Switzerland. Founded the Franklin Radio Station in 2000, managing and broadcasting the programmes of the Station; and the Franklin Volunteer Club in 1999 for students to participate in volunteer activities in local NGOs in Ticino.


Lived in India, Thailand and Switzerland and travelled extensively to Asia and Europe, the United States, Australia some African countries such as Mozambique, Swaziland, Tanzania and South Africa.


Persian/Farsi (Mother tongue), English (Fluent), Hindi (Fluent), Urdu (Fluent) Italian (competent), Pashtu (Adequate), Russian (Adequate)


Photography, jazz music, reading, horse riding, yoga

Email: heelaayn@gmail.com

8 Responses to “Heela Najibullah’s CV”

  • haybatullah zurmatai says:

    Happy to read about you

  • Atmar says:

    Dear Heela,

    That was pleasing to learn about you and your achievements. Indeed, we believe that your are following your father’s way of life and revive his history.


    • Arsalan says:

      Dear Heela,

      I believe with your level of academic achievements and understanding as to the nature of Afghanistan and Pakistan’s issues in today’s intentional arena Afghans need your support. Therefore, as the best course of action, that would be a great idea if you could participate in Afghan politics. And I am sure that Afghan people will support you in your great mission.

      Wish you all the best, and that was pleasing to find out about you.

      Kind regards,


  • Ahmad says:

    Great Work Heela All the Best !


    Dear Heela jan!!
    first of all i hope that almighty god flood your life’s with happiness and give you power like as your respected father Dr. Najebullah last president of Afghanistan, any way!

    I think it is better to say “Nice to meet you”,when you saw the person like as me for the first time.
    this is Khaliq Abdul (Shahab) designer engineer from power supply and electricity systems from Kabul Afghanistan
    I’m 27 years old and graduated from Moscow university at 2007 with Master Degree, so it was my pleasure to know you at the first time, i heard a lot regarding your father service to Afghanistan country so I’m very very sorry to lose him god bless him so please pass my honestly and warm salam to your respectable family from one lover person of you and your family
    Thank you and best regards: Engineer Abdul Khaliq “shahab” Kabul Afghanistan
    please send me a messages via email or phone number
    loues.forever@gamil.com, khaliq_shahab@yahoo.com
    cell number: +93(0) 798 023 035

  • Halim says:

    you are the best dear heela i proud of you hope you you will follow the way of your great and hero father

  • FB says:

    things happen for a reason and the reason is to bring a change. while many might know you as the daughter of president, you have clearly excelled in life and created your own vision and personality. your roots, knowledge and past experiences will define your path in years to come.
    wishing you all the very best.

  • Iqbal Pamiri says:

    Heela, heela kawam taso har wakht khpal juwand ki baryali shi. All appreciation for your balanced and innovative writtings for larger peace and prosperity to this brave nation which is suffering for last three decads.People like yourself can only heel the wounds and put the new generation on right path.you know well in the current turmoil Pashtuns are ultimate sufferers, the provinces bordering Pakistan like your own province Paktiya have deep bondages with Pakistan, currently more than two million Afghanis are living in Pakistan, mostly running well settled businesses and reasoonable health and education opportunies to childern.We have friends who have blended into the KPK society and and have no intentions to fall back. So we have to keep these hard facts and adopt an approach where we could have friendly and brotherly relations with Pakistan also. Heela u have great role to play, u are Mashallah so educated, u can deliver. God bless u. We should not be hostage to the past. Best regards.

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