Restless nation: the real meaning of Iran’s elections

By Stephen Zunes

Will the people of Iran get the reforms they asked for in electing the moderate Hassan Rouhani? The answer depends partly on them, and partly on the United States.

Earlier this month, Iran inaugurated its new president, Hassan Rouhani—clearly the most moderate candidate in the running.

This outcome illustrates the growing desire for change among the people of Iran. The situation resembles Eastern Europe in the 1970s: The people are not yet at a point where they can bring down the regime, but the ideological hegemony that kept the system intact is gone. Continue reading here…

One Response to “Restless nation: the real meaning of Iran’s elections”

  • Since Rouhani’s election, Iran has stepped up public executions of political prisoners, he’s personally reinforced Iran’s right to build nuclear capacity, his choice for defense minister is now linked to the bombing of US Marines in Beirut in 1983, Iran has stepped up supplying arms and fighters to Assad in Syria, Iran is recruiting young men in Latin America to be radicalized and now this. So my question is: What’s changed since Ahmadinejad? The answer is nothing. Iran under Rouhani will be just as bad as under his predecessor, just with nicer manners. If you want to see what I mean, check out Rouhani’s career highlights at The only real long term solution to Iran is regime change either at the ballot box or through street demonstrations just like the rest of the Arab world.

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