President Donald J. Trump, the Triumphant Genius!

By Gunnar Westberg

On his first tour abroad, President Trump chose to visit Saudi Arabia, Israel and Nato. The three most important pillars supporting the United States of America! And he got what he wanted.

Saudi ordered weapons for more than 100 billion dollars and promised investment in the President’s country of about 300 billion.

Israel strongly supported the escalation of attacks on Iran, the country that fills the role as the favourite enemy of the United States, now when China has become too strong to provoke and Russia does not respond when its forces are attacked with airstrikes. Iran beware: Your so called election, with a strong victory for the candidate who says he wants to open the country to the world, just shows how devious you are! You can’t fool our great President!

Nato is nowadays an alliance with a worldwide field of operation, in support of US world domination. The Nato representatives did not praise the Leader when he demanded that they contribute more money, but they pretended to oblige. That is good enough for the home front: Our President has made it clear that if we are to be the world policeman, you ‘d better pay your share of the salary. And of our weapons. Our President also made it clear that Nato shall fight the War on Terror, under our leadership. Or we will send more weapons to our locally grown terrorists in Syria.

Finally we have got a Leader that brings oil money to our weapon mills, who tells our enemies that they should be very very careful. And shows our allies who wears the pants: Our President, not Ms Merkel.

He spoke not of human rights. Not of disarmament. Nothing that could remind us of Obama. Again: Anything but Obama! How wise is our President!

But he did not mention Russia. Strange. Maybe our President and the Russian president are beginning to cooperate, maybe trying to get these European sissies to understand that their time is over now. After all, the name Vladimir means in Russian Mighty world leader, and Donald, in Celtic, means the same…

The great Donald J. Trump, a Great World Leader, a foreign policy genius!

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