Ina Curic’s CV

Ina Curic became a TFF Associate in April 2006, TFF’s project coordinator in Burundi in May 2007 and a member of the foundation’s Board in March 2008.

Romanian-born Ina Curic is a trained sociologist, with a M.A. in Gender Studies from Babes-Bolyai University, Romania and a M.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies from the European Peace University, Austria.

She has a solid background in peace and conflict research, gender studies and NGO management and more than ten years work experience in civil society organizations in different countries.

Since 1999, Ina has provided numerous national and international training programmes and workshops on different topics related to organizational development, project management, peace, conflict and gender related issues in various settings: Romania, Bosnia & Hertzegovina, Croatia, Turkey. Her field experience with training, capacity building as well as gender and peace projects in post war and conflict areas extends to Former Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Burundi.

International organizations for which she has provided training and consultancy include UN World Food Programme, International Medical Corps, Norwegian Council for Refugees.

Affiliations to international organizations include The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research of which she’s been a Board Member, Transcend, and The International Fellowship of Reconciliation – Women Peace Makers Program.

In terms of teaching, she has been is a Member of the Faculty for the European University Center for Peace Studies, Austria, and the online Transcend Peace University.

Her work, teaching and research interests focus on gender inequalities and gender based violence and their implications for peace and sustainable development; peacebuilding and conflict transformation approaches from a gender sensitive perspective; and the Transcend method for conflict transformation by peaceful means.

Some of her publications:

Through War to Peace: A Dead End – Iraqi Experiences – co-author with Sabin Muresan and K. F. Brand Jacobsen, 2005, Eikon Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Gender Inequality: the Invisible Violence – a peace studies perspective on violence against women, co-author with Lorena Vaetisi, 2005, Eikon Publishing House, Romania.

Steps to Equality Land – A Challenge for Girls and Boys – illustrated publication for teenagers on gender inequalities, 2005, Eikon Publishing House, Romania.

Iraqi Field Report in the PATRIR Peace Journal, no. 6-9/ 2004, co-author with Sabin Muresan.

Girls, YES! – A Young Woman’s Guide to Self-affirmation, 2003, informative publication on gender inequalities affecting women in Romania and how they can be transformed.

Early warning – Burundi! Listen to Burundi’s cry now! If there ever were a case for civilian humanitarian intervention, this is it. And the time is now – co-author with Jan Oberg.

From spring 2007 to 2009 Ina Curic worked in Burundi as a trainer and consultant for national international NGOs on development, peacebuilding and gender.

At the time, she wrote on The Peace and Collaborative Network where she had her own page with a blog mainly about Burundi.

In 2017, after some years away from research and international affairs and after having given birth to two children, Ina Curic launched a new website Imagine Creatively with a focus on peace story telling for children and parents together – making integrated use of her personal as well as academic experience. Curic’s first book in this field, Mirabelle’s Forest Garden, can be found here.

Ina Curic became a TFF Associate in April 2006, TFF’s project coordinator in Burundi in May 2007 and a member of the foundation’s Board in March 2008.


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