Guide to this TFF blog 2011-2017

This TFF Associates’ blog became an open archive in December 2017 when TFF launched its new magazine homepage, The Transnational on January 1, 2018. There is also a new, technically updated edition of this 2011-2017 blog that you may access here.

In both this old and the new version, you’ll find almost everything posted over these 6 years by TFF Associates, a group of experts on international issues who are committed to the UN Charter norm that peace shall be established by peaceful means.

There are more than 1300 articles here. Together with the articles posted on the old 1997-2011 homepage you’ll find an estimated 7000 (mostly) accessible articles.

We believe that this is one of the largest reservoirs of research-based, pro-peace writings published continuously between 1997 and 2017.

The Transnational also has a link to TFF’s work 1986-1997 – that is, before the foundation set itself up on the Internet.

In various ways the contents here reflect a very significant period in the history of humanity and international affairs, albeit with a focus on some issues and places more than others.

In addition, there are articles, videos, analyses etc that we do not publish here but continue to publish elsewhere – namely on TFF Facebook and Jan Oberg Public Figure profile, on Jan Oberg Facebook profile, on the online magazine “Transnational Affairs”, on TFF YouTube (now also an archive), on TFF Vimeo and – closely related – on Jan Oberg’s blog. Our Twitter basically carries the same materials as Facebook.

We hope you’ll enjoy this archive of contemporary global affairs with a peace touch. It’s research/analysis, outreach/media work and policy-making in one.

Most of the articles stand the test of time. Please share links with friends, colleagues, students, media people etc.

We regret that, as the years pass, minor aspects of this site and the old site may not function entirely as intended. Technology changes continuously and some bits may become outdated, even incompatible, with new ones. And there will be some dead links to external sites because they change archives, technology and design.

Finally, you can not contact TFF or subscribe to our newsletter from this site. Only from here. But you can donate.

Lund, Sweden
December 31, 2017


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