TFF PressInfo # 399: US Congress woman Tulsi 
Gabbard (D) visits Syria

By Jan Oberg

A brilliant blow to US/NATO
 policies and mainstream media 

Lund, Sweden – January 26, 2017

Tulsi Gabbard* and former peace presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich (D) have just visited Aleppo and Damascus in Syria and met citizens, religious leaders and President Assad.

Watch here how CNN tries to frame her as siding with Assad:

Starting out with Twitter girl Bana with President Erdogan (one more time – how stupid does CNN think we are?) and then showing no interest in what she reports because it doesn’t fit the deceptive Western narrative. 

Much more important, however, listen to what Gabbard says in just 6 minutes about:

– the role of the US and its support to terrorists, 
– there being no moderate rebels,
– the destruction in Syria,
– the human suffering,
– the role of the Syrian leadership,
– what the alternative to al-Assad would be,
– the right of the Syrians to decide their future
– what we must understand to help bring about peace.

And about how wrong it is to support the same terrorists in Syria that the US fights elsewhere.

She shows you how important it is to go there.

Mindblowing evidence, brilliantly presented, of there being a much broader truth

Gabbard* has a military background and has served in Iraq and Kuwait. She knows what warfare means.

She is passionate about children, the environment and security.

Here five things to know about her.

She shares some views with Trump, supported Sanders and then Clinton. Here her views on security and intervention in foreign countries and her position on a series of other issues.

In other words, Gabbard is not that easy to categorize.

Her statement is a turningpoint. As was the liberation of Aleppo…

Thanks Tulsi Gabbard for this blow to soon 6 years of twisted, unprofessional and fake news reporting about Syria. 

Thanks for your unique focus on the suffering of millions of innocent people.

You have my respect!

See this short interview.

She will be framed and silenced today and turn out to be right the day after tomorrow. 

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Gabbard (D) visits Syria”

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